1. How to Host a Backyard Party

    Summer is a great time to connect with friends, enjoy good food, and show off your new backyard. If you’re contemplating hosting a backyard party, then continue reading to see our best tips for making it a success. Whether your family is growing and you need a bigger home or you are looking for your first home, we can help. The real estate agents at A New Dawn Realty in Stokesdale will work with…Read More

  2. Gardening Hacks for Beginners

    Planting and growing a garden is not only fun, but a great way to enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables right out of your own backyard all summer long. In today’s post, we’ll look at some of the best gardening hacks for beginners so that you can feel confident about starting a garden for the first time. Whether you are looking to purchase your first home so that you can have a garden, or you’re …Read More

  3. Make Your New Home Pet Friendly

    Moving is simultaneously one of the most exciting and stressful events in any person’s life. If you have pets, then you don’t want to forget that moving can also be stressful for them. In today’s post, we’ll look at a few ways that you can make the transition easier for them by making your new home more pet-friendly. Whether you are looking to buy or sell your home, A New Dawn Realty in St…Read More

  4. Budget-Friendly Meals for Moving

    Moving is one of the biggest stressors in anyone’s life. Families are already busy with many different activities, which makes packing and moving quite challenging. In fact, trying to figure out what to prepare for your family meals can be difficult due to the fact that your pots and pans, cooking ingredients, and recipes are probably still in boxes. In today’s post, we’ll take a look at som…Read More

  5. Top 3 Secrets to Impress Home Buyers

    When you are planning on selling your home, there are a few surefire things that you need to implement to attract the attention of potential home buyers. Whether you have lived in your house for a few years or half of your life, there are probably a number of items that you are used to and don’t “see” the way a new person will. In today’s post, we’ll share with you the top five secrets y…Read More

  6. The Top 5 Tips For Moving During the Holiday Season

    Moving is often considered one of the most stressful events in a person’s life. In fact, considering some of the big events that can happen in a lifetime including marriage, job change, and death, it typically ranks in the top five. For those who have to move during the holiday season, the stress can quickly become even more amplified. A New Dawn Realty in Stokesdale wants to help you sell your …Read More

  7. More Tips For Selling Your Home This Fall

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  8. Tips For Selling Your Home This Fall

    Fall is a great time to sell your home, as it is the second-best time in the year for home sales. People are no longer traveling as heavily as they did in the summer, kids are back in school, and there is a certain stability to the fall season. As you consider what you need to do to make your home as appealing as possible, let us provide a few tips to help you sell your home this fall. Continue re…Read More

  9. Maximize Your House Appeal – Part 2

    In our last blog, we talked about some of the things that you can do easily and quickly to help maximize the appeal of your home before you put it on the market. In this blog, we will cover some additional items that you want to make sure you cover so that your Stokesdale house can “put its best foot forward”. Today’s tips will cover some very easy, quickly accomplished tasks that will help …Read More