I never had one issue pop up that they couldn’t resolve

When my wife told me the time has come for us to make the move, I cringed at the complete concept. I had no idea on what to do who to trust or even who to call. So I prayed on it, I prayed hard. Three weeks went by and out of a dead sleep I awoke to the name (A New Dawn Realty). Didn’t make any sense to me at the time until one day I was looking at the papers from the purchase of the house 5 years prior. Then a light went off. So I contacted Phillip by email. Went to meet him and from the first visit in his office I knew they were the team. I never had one issue pop up that they couldn’t resolve. My wife and I would recommend this realty team hands down. They were able to get me within 2k of my asking price even though the only comps were new brand new homes, and mine was 25 yrs old. If you’re in the market to sell or buy, use this team, they will take care of you till the close and after. I’m testimony to that fact. Money well spent.

Gene & Donna Knox, Texas