Moving into a new home is a milestone to celebrate, but it can be hard to feel excited when you’re worried about how your baby or toddler will adjust. Moving with a baby or toddler means juggling many things, such as covering closing costs, packing, baby-proofing or child-proofing, adjusting, and more! Our goal at A New Dawn Realty is here to help make the moving process easier from when you first start looking at houses to when you close. We’ll take care of the tedious search process and paperwork, so you can focus on what really matters — your family. Read on for a list of strategies and tricks to help your move go by a lot easier when you have a baby or toddler in the mix.

Ask For or Hire Help

We don’t just mean hiring movers to help you load and unload your boxes from one place to another (though we do recommend it if it’s in your budget). When moving to a new home, consider hiring child care professionals (or family members) to take care of your little one(s) during the chaos of moving. Although your super-mom or super-dad senses may be more heightened than usual, it’s still possible to lose track of your baby amidst the move. Instead of worrying about the safety of your child, ask someone to watch your baby during the moving process. This way, you’ll be able to concentrate on moving.

Mentally Prepare Your Toddler For the Move

Children understand more than you realize. By discussing the move beforehand, it will put your toddler at ease. Try reading books about moving and make sure to let your toddler know how exciting and adventurous moving can be.

Box Up Non-Essentials First

After packing up all of your belongings, it’s time to consider the nursery. When it comes to packing, you want to save the nursery for last because you don’t want to spend the first day in your new home frantically searching for whatever your baby or toddler needs. Pack up extra toys, books, clothes, and blankets that you know your child won’t need for the first few days of moving. Just in case, label each box as clearly as possible, so you can find items later.

Pack an Easily Accessible Day Bag

One of the best tips out there is to pack an essential and easily accessible day bag with all the items your baby or toddler might need on moving day. Pack a few extra diapers, change of clothes, favorite pacifier, favorite toy, bottles, first aid kit, and whatever else you think is essential. Keep the day bag in a spot that’s easy to access.

Baby Proof and Unpack the Nursery First

Being in a familiar space and environment is the fastest way to get your baby or toddler to adjust to the new home. If they feel overwhelmed, they’ll at least have their own room to settle down in. Make sure to cover up electrical outlets, mount any tall dressers or shelves to the walls and cover up any sharp corners.

Remain Calm

Probably the most important tip is to remember to stay calm. Children look to their parents in times of stress, and if you seem anxious or uneasy, your children will feel anxious too. Remember to take deep breaths when you’re feeling stressed, and know that the move will be over before you know it. Try to keep your baby or toddler as close to their regular schedule as possible throughout the moving process. This will not only help your child feel at ease, but it will also help you feel more in control of the day.

Moving can be one of the most stressful times of your life, especially when you have young ones. Don’t let the moving process stress you out more than you need to. Contact a real estate agent at A New Dawn Realty to help you navigate the moving process, from selling your home to buying a new one. One of our experienced REALTORSⓇ will be more than happy to find you the perfect home for your family.