Is it time to move?

The idea of buying a new house can be daunting — and for good reason! A house is a huge investment and making sure the home you purchase is right for you is intimidating. There are so many steps involved with buying a house that make people wary of the process. Mortgage applications, inspections, and tax evaluations are but a few of a long list of boxes to check. In most cases, it’s easier to just remain where you are. 

However, this is not always the wisest choice. Factors such as money, space, and location play a significant role in whether or not you should remain in your current housing situation. If you’re on the fence on whether or not to move into a new house, A New Dawn Realty of Stokesdale is here to help. Here are three signs it’s time to make that new home purchase!

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1. Space

The space available in your current home is one of the best indicators of it being time to move. Whether your family is growing and has filled up the volume of your home or your collection of belongings is too much for your storage space, more room may be necessary. Too much packed into a condensed space is uncomfortable, irritating, and anxiety-inducing. An upgrade in home size will help relieve the stress of a cramped space.

Alternatively, too much room can be depressing. If you have children who’ve grown up and moved out, the space left behind can feel empty. Moving into a house with space can both be easier to maintain and more comfortable for the reduced amount of residents. 

If you think a larger or smaller residence would benefit you in Stokesdale, A New Dawn can help. Browse our listings today!

2. Location

Anyone who’s lived in the same place for an extended period knows how much an area can change in just a few years. Most of the time, this change is for the better — cities expanding on their resident-accessible amenities and businesses providing growth. However, sometimes it’s not so good. If an area’s value decreases, it often leads to an injured economy, closing businesses, and an unbalanced cost of living. If you find this happening in your community, it may be time to move. 

Location is also a factor when you consider things like a job and family. For your work, you want a reasonable commute time. Long commutes can be taxing on both your wallet and your mind and can add hours of unpaid time to your workday. And who doesn’t want to be close to their loved ones? If you’ve got to extensively plan expensive trips to see your family, you may consider moving into a home closer to them.

3. Money

Just as there were two sides to space, there are also two sides to money. The first is having too little money. It happens — people are approved for mortgages they can’t afford, people get into financial binds, or accidents happen that prevent people from working. In these cases, it may be smart to look for a more affordable living arrangement. 

The flip side, and a situation you want to find yourself in, is that you have a significant excess of money. If that’s the case, it may be time to move from your current house into your dream home. Houses and property are an investment. If you find a house in a good location that you’ll be able to nurture, odds are it will pay dividends to you in the future.

There are plenty of other reasons why it may be time to move and each situation is unique. If you have questions about the home buying process or are ready to transition into a new home in Stokesdale, A New Dawn Realty can help! Contact us today for our expert advice and service!