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One of the key steps in selling your home that has a tendency of being ignored is staging. While you live in the home and are very much aware of all the things that make it great, your potential buyers are very likely touring the home for the first time. With this in mind, we’ve put together this blog to help you with staging your home for sale. Let’s waste no time and dive right in!

Deep Clean Your Home

Keeping up with cleaning on a weekly basis is a hard habit to keep, but doing so will make things far easier for you when the time comes for you to sell your home. Weekly cleaning aside, though, you want your home to look as great or even better than the day that you toured it as a potential buyer. This may include doing things that you haven’t done in a while, including deep cleaning or steaming carpets, buffing and polishing hardwood floors, and cleaning every surface. Some homeowners are more picky than others and will pay extra attention to small details, so it’s best to go all out and make your house look as good as new. A happy home is a clean home, and a clean home will undoubtedly attract more buyers than one that’s not as well kept.

Turn Up Your Home’s Charm

In the amount of time that you’ve lived in your home, you’ve been able to see all the things that the home is capable of, and all the different ways that you can maximize your home’s overall potential. While yes, you don’t want to overcrowd your home with furniture, accessories, and unwanted decor, a bare home is too empty. You want your potential buyer to see all that your home is capable of, and the best way to do this is to decorate and furnish your home in a way that is tasteful and inviting. Even if you are offering the home without any furnishings, seeing a particular piece of furniture, wall decor, or room arrangement can inspire a buyer to want to purchase the home and recreate that aesthetic themselves.

The Power of Paint

Unless you’ve recently repainted your home, listing your home for sale is a perfect time to give the rooms a fresh coat of paint. While the house in its current state is very much reflective of your own style and taste, keep in mind that you and your buyer may not have identical preferences in terms of paint colors. Picking colors that are neutral will help make your home appeal to the widest audience. Various greys, browns, whites, and beiges are all great options for keeping your walls looking great while still being neutral. The result is a fresh coat of paint that will make each room look its absolute best to the largest amount of people.
Those are just a few tips for staging your home for sale. This is a topic that we will revisit soon, as there are many small things that you can do to make your home all the more appealing for potential buyers. For all your Stokesdale real estate needs, contact A New Dawn Realty today!