Moving at any time of the year can be stressful, and moving during the holiday season is no different. In fact, you might feel that it is even more stressful, but hopefully, our top four tips will help to streamline your process and make it a breeze. At A New Dawn Realty, our team is excited to help you find the perfect home for your family. Contact us today to speak with one of our Stokesdale Realtors®, and let us help take care of the details for you.

1. Timing

There are a number of things to keep in mind as you plan your move. While the holiday season may not be the peak moving season, you need to remember that movers have holiday commitments as well. Additionally, if you’re going to be moving on a holiday weekend, you should prepare for extra fees to be involved. Having said all this, make sure to book your moving service as soon as possible before their schedule is filled.

Our team of Stokesdale Realtors® is here to help with all of your moving needs no matter what time of year — call today!

2. Budget

Since the holidays already bring a number of budget challenges — gifts, traveling, and more — be sure to help your budget by scheduling a midweek move if possible. Another option to help you save some money is to do it yourself — rent a moving truck or portable moving container. Don’t pay for boxes! Instead, scour your local offices, liquor stores, and grocery stores for free cardboard boxes. If you receive the newspaper, then plan on using your old ones to cushion any fragile items. Another option if you don’t get the newspaper is to use towels and blankets. Our last budget tip is to enlist the help of friends and family. They’ll probably be happy to help, and you can thank them with food and drink when the move is done.

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3. Donate

As you begin packing your belongings, you’ll probably find that there are a number of items that you’re unsure why they’re still in your home. Many people find that moving is great for purging things they no longer need. Instead of tossing these in the trash, see if there are local charities that can reuse your items. If some of the items are too big for you to fit in your vehicle, be sure to call and see if the charity will come to your home. Organizations like Goodwill, Habitat for Humanity, and The Salvation Army generally offer free pick up. Not only will your donation help others, but you’ll also be able to reduce the number of things that you’ll need to move.

4. Weather

While you can’t control the weather, you can take some precautions and make sure that you have all of the equipment to ensure a safe move. Make sure you have a shovel and ice-melt ready to clear a path on your sidewalk, driveway, stairs, or any other slick surface that people will need to use. Pack items in waterproof plastic bins to protect them from water damage. Don’t forget to speak with the electric company to ensure that the heat and electricity are turned on in your new home in time for your arrival.

At A New Dawn Realty, we know that moving can be a hectic time, which is why we are here to take care of all the real estate details for you. We would love to help you find your dream home. Don’t add to your list of things to do — contact our Stokesdale Realtors® today to learn how we can help!