Summer is a great time to connect with friends, enjoy good food, and show off your new backyard. If you’re contemplating hosting a backyard party, then continue reading to see our best tips for making it a success.

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1. Announce Your Party!

There are so many different ways to invite people to a party with all of the technology options today. You could use a program online to invite everyone via email, send a group text, or mail paper invitations. No matter how you choose to invite your guests, make sure to cover the basics, including what they’ll be eating, when they’ll be eating, what they should wear, and your alternate plans if it rains. Letting people know what to expect as far as food is concerned is important for those who may have food allergies. If possible, try to have available options to accommodate their needs.

2. Provide Plenty of Seating

Many of your guests will probably enjoy standing around chatting with one another, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t worry about seating. Once the food is ready to be served, most people will probably prefer to sit down to eat. If your party is fairly casual, then you could set out some pretty blankets or quilts for people to use. Another option that can be surprisingly cheap is to rent folding chairs for your party.

3. Don’t Leave Guests in the Dark

Lighting is important for backyard parties for a variety of reasons. One thing you want to avoid is having your guests trip over steps or other items because they can’t clearly see what is on the ground. Additionally, since they will likely be eating outside, they will want to keep an eye on their food to ensure that flies are not landing on their dinner.

While their eyes will adjust as the sun goes down, hanging some string lights will help quite a bit with both of these issues. Whether you hang them on the fence, a trellis, or your porch railing, your guests are sure to appreciate this bright feature.

4. Keep Bugs Out

It seems that no matter where you live, mosquitoes will find a way to make life miserable. While mosquitoes seem to be drawn to some people like crazy, there are other people they avoid. In order to make sure that all of your guests are equally comfortable, be sure to take these steps to protect your guests from these hungry pests.

  • Get rid of standing water
  • Plug in some fans
  • Offer bug wipes to your guests
  • Place citronella candles on the perimeter of the porch
  • Set out several containers of catnip, which is a more effective repellent than DEET

5. Create a Party Playlist

One of the best aspects of any party is the music that plays in the background. With that in mind, you want to be careful that the music doesn’t play so loudly that people have to strain to hear one another. Our tip is to use four speakers that are spread out from one another and set at a lower volume. This will enable people to hear the music and still engage in conversations.

When it comes to the type of music, it’s a safe bet to go heavy on the classics like the Rolling Stones, the Beatles, Michael Jackson, and so on. By providing music that people are familiar with and mixing in some newer songs throughout, you are sure to create a party playlist that everyone will enjoy.

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