Moving is simultaneously one of the most exciting and stressful events in any person’s life. If you have pets, then you don’t want to forget that moving can also be stressful for them. In today’s post, we’ll look at a few ways that you can make the transition easier for them by making your new home more pet-friendly.

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Make Your Home Safe

1. Just as you would with young children, you want to inspect your new home for choking, electrocution, and strangulation hazards. You should install childproof latches onto any kitchen or bathroom cupboards that store hazardous materials.

2. Most pets can’t resist digging in the trash can, which is home to any number of interesting-smelling items. From chicken bones and old food to chemicals and small, indigestible pieces of trash, your trash can holds a wide variety of hazards for your pet. Purchase a trash can that has a locking lid.

3. If you have smaller pets, then you want to make sure that the toilet lids are always closed so that you can prevent an accidental drowning. Aside from that, it really isn’t safe to allow your pets to drink out of the toilet bowl as it can expose them to any number of harmful chemicals.

4. There are many beautiful houseplants that are dangerous for animals, including lilies, azaleas, oleander, tulips, and more. If you have these plants indoors, then make sure that they are located in areas that are completely out of the reach of your pet. The best solution is to completely avoid having them in your home or yard.

5. While many people joke about the dryer always eating one sock from each pair, the truth is that pets are often drawn to eating clothing items such as socks. Pets can also choke on items such as buttons and zippers. To keep your beloved animal safe, make sure to store your shoes and laundry in a closet where they can’t get to them.

6. It’s inevitable that at some point your pet will either have an accident or track mud across one of your beautiful rugs. To keep your home looking and smelling cleaner, purchase rugs that are resistant to stains, and make sure your rugs do not have high loops as cats can get their claws stuck, which could pose a danger for them.

Keep Your Home Clean

1. While it’s always a good idea to try to purchase furniture, bedding, and blankets that help to hide your pet’s hair, it’s an even better idea to provide regular grooming. Regular grooming also helps to reduce the amount of pet hair around your home. A bonus is that your furry family member will look, smell, and feel better!

2. Since you will always have pet hair in your home as long as you have pets, you want to make sure to invest in the right kind of vacuum cleaner. Look for one that has a high-efficiency air filter and is created specifically for removing pet hair from your carpet and hardwood floors. Not only will this help your floors to be cleaner, but it will also keep your home from smelling like animals.

3. Our last tip for helping to keep your home clean is to stock up on lint rollers. If you have company coming over, you can quickly swipe down your couch or other furniture items with a lint roller to pick up any extra pet hair.

While there can be stressful elements involved with moving, it can also be a very exciting time for your family. We hope that our tips for making your new home pet friendly have been helpful. If you are looking for a new home or want to sell yours, please contact A New Dawn Realty in Stokesdale today, and let our professional team of real estate agents get to work for you!