If you live in North Carolina and are thinking about putting your home on the market or buying a new home, hiring a real estate agent to sell your home will make the process significantly easier. At New Dawn Realty, our realtors have helped hundreds of people successfully sell their homes above market value and buy new homes at affordable prices, and we would love to do the same for you. If you’re still on the fence about hiring a certified realtor, below are a few things to take into consideration.

A Realtor Has The Inside Scoopdreamstime_10353532

When you hire a real estate agent to assist you with buying a new home, they’ll have easy access to properties that have recently been listed by other agents. This means you’ll have the inside scoop on new homes as they arise, giving you a leg up on scheduling early viewings and putting in offers. Your buying agent will work full time to find homes and properties that meet your specific criteria and they will schedule appointments for you to view the homes you’re most interested in. If you decide to take the reigns on your own, you’ll have to play telephone tag with multiple realtors which can be extremely time consuming and difficult, especially if you have a full time job already.

If you’re looking to sell your home, a real estate agent can ensure you get the best possible price for the condition and location of your home. A realtor will already have an understanding of the current housing market and the desired neighborhoods in your area, making the home selling process smooth and efficient.

A Real Estate Agent Knows How To Negotiate

Buying and selling a home is one of the biggest financial transactions you’ll ever make. When it comes to putting in an offer on a new home, the sales process has three significant negotiations: the initial offer, the counteroffer and the post-offer period, which can include home inspections and requests for concessions. When you work with an experienced real estate agent, they’ll be able to handle all of your bids and negotiations in a professional manner so you don’t have to worry about dusting up on home buying best practices.

At New Dawn Realty in Stokesdale, we’re proud to be a leading provider of residential and commercial real estate listings throughout North Carolina. Whether you plan on buying or selling, our realtors can make sure you get the most bang for your buck!